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  Some of our dreams have gone the distance, some of our dreams have been deferred,
  Some of our dreams still live inside us, waiting for our hearts to find the words.  
                                                                                                                     Tom Benjamin

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then my paintings should speak for themselves. When words seem to fail me, I find through Art and Music the tools to express the deepest aspects of my true nature.  Someone once said that all paintings are self portraits of the artist. This resonated with me as I have come to realize what we bring to the co-creative process is simply a reflection of ourselves ... our unique way of seeing and being in this world. 

I am a potter turned painter. I am also a singer and songwriter searching like the indigenous people for the "song lines" in the landscape, the melodic rhythms in the ocean and the clouds. For twenty-five years I had my hands in clay, centering myself on a potter's wheel countless days and nights, creating one-of-a-kind Raku vessels transformed by fire and smoke. In rediscovering myself as a painter, I soon realized my experiences as a clay artisan brought a unique perspective to my paintings. 

                                                                                                                                                                   ~ Suchi WB

Landscapes seemed to emerge out of textural images, rhythmic forms, and energetic communication with the elements of nature. My color palette and canvas became the meeting place for me and my muse to explore new  visions.  Though the arts, I am inspired daily to participate in transformative experiences where truth, beauty, and healing are the natural attributes.  My intention remains the same through all avenues of self expression ... to co-create a bridge from spirit to form which reflects the dynamic power and beauty of Creation and the responsibility we share as Co-Creators to embody and steward the Art of Living.

The co-creative process is fraught with perplexing puzzles to be solved on a daily basis, but it also reveals with grace, “The dreams the lives inside us, waiting for our hearts to find the words.”  I sincerely hope my Art & Music communicate to you some of the mystery and majesty I have discovered along the way.